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Bruno Lin
United States
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Hi everyone i making a Manga or Mangas or the whole Summer or For A Few Years I Be Back... I hope to Finish Them Fast i Can

BlazBlue OC Magnas Coming Soon

BlazBlue OC Volume 1: Last Of the Legendary Heroes (3 or 4 Chapters)
BlazBlue OC Volume 2: Jurassic Park​ -Dino Warriors (2 Chapters)
BlazBlue OC Volume 3: Old Heroes (2 Chapters)
BlazBlue OC Volume 4: Team Fortress 2​ An Army Rises (2 Chapters)
BlazBlue OC Volume 5: The UnDead Rises (1 Chapter)
BlazBlue OC Volume 6: Alien Vs. Predator​-A Shadow Warrior Rise (3 Chapters)
BlazBlue OC Volume 7: TRANSFORMERS​-Robot in Disguise (2 or 3 Chapters)
BlazBlue OC Volume 8: Team Fortress 2-Halloween Special (1 Chapter)
BlazBlue OC Volume 9: Mortal Kombat​-Secrets Revealed (2 or 3 Chapters)
BlazBlue OC Volume 10: Halo​: Red vs. Blue​-The Death Beast Rises *Warning Gore in this Manga* (3 or 4 Chapters)
BlazBlue OC Volume 11: BlazBlue OC-Calamity Trigger (2 Chapters)
BlazBlue OC Volume 12: BlazBlue OC-Continuum Shift (2 or 3 Chapters)
BlazBlue OC Volume 13: BlazBlue OC-Chrono Phantasma (18 Chapters)
BlazBlue OC Volume 14: BlazBlue OC-Central Fiction Coming Soon 2017 or 2018


BlazBlue OC-Extend Story

OC Characters:

*All of The OC's Owner Will Get Credit(Or Even Extra Credit) Of The Making of this Manga And Their OC's Characters* 

Bruno Lin, Mecha-Bruno Lin, Bio-Unna Lin, Haku-Shadow Hero, Brank Lin The Bloodedge, Noria Lin, Uno, Mecha-Uno, Krystatana, Untron, HunterSaurs Rex, King CloveCobKong Zilla, Monstrous Nightmare-Tor, Sea Desert Beast, GrimDragOst Audrey 2, Mecha-Krator Zilla Prime, Rage Blaze Zilla, Super Golden Dragon, Hero Leader, Shadow Predator, Angel Predator, Dark Nightmares Hero, Mecha Nightmares Hero, Biothra Nightmares Hero, HakueNightmares Hero, HunterDragon Rex, King VastaCobThulhu Zilla, Scorpio Nightmare-Tor, Desert Serpent Beast, Bio-Lakegon Audrey 1, Mega-DestroyGan Tron, Space Kahn Zilla, Super Darkness Dragon, Villain Leader, Berserker Shadow Predator, Berserker Energon Predator, Dark Nightmare Villain, and Kaiju Beasts By :iconbrunolin:

Hayate Kurosagi (*Only appear in Volume 12-13 and Hayate's Death Story in the Extend Story*)​, Yuru(Hayate Kurosagi's successor) (*Only appear in Volume 14*), Shin Kisaragi(*Only appear in Volume 14*), Randall Wildfang(*Only appear in Volume 14*), Ryukazu Hayakawa (*Only appear in Volume 14*) By :iconzerosenpie:

Yatagarasu (*Only appear in Volume 12-14*) By :iconhiddensiren: (*OC's Is The Maker The Owner of Yatagarasu :iconhiddensiren: Is Remove or on Hold in the Manga, Because The Owner is making a story about her OC and New construction, testing and designs so until then She Be Remove Or Hold Until i Izumi Kabocha is Done of her OC's Character.... So if you want Futher Questions you can ask Me and :iconhiddensiren: About This News*)

Fuyoko (*Only appear in Volume 14*) By :iconhigal365: :iconmamafuyo:

Ton X Lin(*Only appear in Volume 14 and the Extend Manga*) By :icontonexlin: :iconhiccstriddefender:

Kirigaya Li, and Sakuyo (*Only appear in Volume 14 and the Extend Manga*) By :iconkanekitheghoul:

Gojiren​, Biollente, Mecha-Gojiren, Zillen, SpaceGojiren, Bagina, and The Kaiju Girls (*Only appear in Volume 14 and the Extend Manga*) By :iconbrunolin: and M.U.G.E.N

HellRaptor Dinosaurs Hybrids (*Only appear in Volume 14 and the Extend Manga*) by :iconhellraptor:

Lexamus Prime The KaijuBot, ADA (alma) THE ALPHA GIRL, and Kaizer Dragotron(*Only appear in Volume 14 and the Extend Manga*) by :iconlexa-lexamus-prime:

Kimiko Terumi by :iconalyssaursino:(*Only appear in Volume 14*)

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