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Hi Everyone...... i have some New About The 5 RPs of Mine (the 3 GTS and the 2 OC's RPs) in 2017 or 2018... i be removing Them for safety Because they Contain 18+ RPers Comments......... i'l Be removing them After My Manga or when it's 2018 or 2020 so for the Time Being have Fun with There's RP before they are gone ok.... and if you like to make your Own Version of my RPs Please give me Credit for the idea if you want to make your own versions ok

There's are the RP i'll be Removing soon in the future:

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

hi i have made some Kaiju Girl but there are still more to make i will put the in the List of the Name of the Kaiju Girls..... i will make the art soon of the Kaiju Girls

Earth Defenders Kaiju Girls:

Gojiren (The Daughter of Godzilla)
Rodina (The Daughter of Rodan)
Anguira (The Daughter of Anguirus)
Mothtina (The Daughter of Mothra)
Baragani (The Daughter of Baragon)
Biollente (The Clone of Gojiren mix with rose)
Mecha-Gojiren (The Future of another World of Gojiren)
Princess Caelen (The Daughter of King Caesar)
Verina (The Daughter of Varan)
Landa (The Daughter of Manda)
Gorasaurs (The Daughter of Gorosaurs)
Kamange (The Daughter of Kumonga)
Mecha-Princess Ghidra (The Daughter of Mecha-King Ghidorah)
Princess Cabira (The Daughter of Imoogi/ King Cobra)
Gamira (The Daughter of Gamera)
Zillren (The Daughter of Zilla)
Maigo (The Daughter of Nemesis and Name after her old Human Name) 
Princess Konga (The Daughter of King Kong)
Clovinya (The Daughter of Cloverfield) 
Selama (The Daughter of Solomon)

Alien/Mutants Kaiju Girls:

SpaceGojiren (The Daughter of SpaceGodzilla)
Princess Ghidra (The Daughter of King Ghidorah)
Gigina Sisters (The Daughters of Gigan)
Megalan (The Daughter of Megalon)
Battina (The Daughter of Battra)
Destroynya (The Daughter of Destoroyah)
Mutina Sister (The Daughters of the Mutos)
Hedory (The Daughter of Hedorah)
Gaminya (The Daughter of 
Tietina (The Daughter of Titanosaurs)
Kamarie (The Daughter of Kamacuras)
Libirah (The Daughter of Ebirah)
Montina X/Kizira Ghidra (The Daughter of Monster X/Keizer Ghidorah)
Venna Rex (The Daughter of V-Rex)
Calinya (The Daughter of Cthulhu)
Bagina (The Daughter of Bagan)
Kryslina (The Daughter of Krystalak)
Opsodnya (The Daughter of Obsidius)
Shadow of Renda (The Daughter of Shadow of Red)
Organny (The Daughter of Orga)
Megaginya (The Daughter of Megaguirus)
Shinaly (The Daughter of Shinomura)
Galas (The Daughter of Gyaos)

Pacific Kaiju Girls:

Hella (The Daughter of Hardship)
Onilala (The Daughter of Onibaba)
Karlfy (The Daughter of Karloff)
Knifa (The Daughter of Knifehead)
Axnya (The Daughter of Axehead/ Trespasser)
Mutanna (The Daughter of Mutavore)
Lenna (The Daughter of Leatherback)
Otanni (The Daughter of Otachi)
Ranna (The Daughter of Raiju)
Scanny (The Daughter of Scunner)
Slatta (The Daughter of Slattern)

Some of them are Coming soon

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