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Bruno Lin
United States
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Name = Bruno Lin

|Kana = ブルーノLIN

|Rōmaji = Burūno LIN

|Alias = Heroes and Friends

|Alias Kana = ブルーノLIN

|Alias Rōmaji = Hero

|Race = HumanBots

|Date of Birth = April 25

|Birthplace = CyberEarth

|Age = 15

|Gender = Male

|Height = Unknow

|Weight = UnKnow

|Eyes = Black

|Hair = Black

|Blood type = Unknow

|Relatives = Godzilla Jr. Little Godzilla Minilla (brother)
Noel vermillion (Lava) Mothra (sister)
Mothra Noria Lin (Mu-12) (mother)
Godzilla Brank Lin (father)

|Status = Active

|Weapon = All Crayber Weapons

|Drive = shift shaper and Azure

Bruno is the leader of the heroes and his will help the people on earth no metter what it takes and stop uno no matter it takes

Bruno Lin is ShiftShaper and he has immotality given from his family.a long a go he live in planet call cyber earth
Added by Brunolin
wen he was born he's prarsnt put him in a spaship becase the plant is being to a end by a blakehole.wen bruno escape he landed on earth on monster inland in tokyo.bruno was raise by godzilla,mothra and all the good monsters.he meet all the monsters,he meet king kong, he meet cloverfield, he meet king cobray he meet jaws,he meet the graboids,he meet spawn,he meet robocop,he meet the termator,he meet kratos and the gods.Then one year letter Bruno meet people from a nother world the 3 girls are call the Shadowpuff Girls and some other guys.Then he meet all the dinosaurs form jurassic park.A few days letter , he meet the gremlins, he meet the host, he meet the dragons, he meet audrey 2.but a few days letterhe meet jason voorhees,he meet freddy krueger,and he meet the Left 4 dead 2.One Year he meet all the team fortress 2 pepole then in 10/31/? he meet the holedays.afred said he going to space to meet others to train.Before he go he meet ragna, jubei, rechal, valkenhayn, kokonoe, tager, litchi,and taokaka then a few years letter he meet noel(he never know he had a sister back then), jin, tsubaki, Makoto, hayate, carl, mai, and cajun.a few days he traval to space he meet aliens,predators and autobots wen he come back on earth with his new and old friend he went out would he meet the good people of mortal kombat.but afred said we forgot to go in one more planet.on the why he meet the durector soldires.letter he was assigned to go to the Red vs Blue Adcadamy he meet The 2  of  the Teams.then he made a petbot called rex letter he was sten a way to unlock his power.A few Month Letter he was trick by uno he think he was he the hole time bruno come bined the ships he got
Added by Brunolin
and call it Ulmega BattleShip.he got back he battal uno but the Other wolrder was the spy by stabing by his blade call the the Hero Blade Bruno Will never forgive them.on the the we Bruno tells His friends about his other friends he meet the in the Year of 2199/12/31 he meet his friends but thier are some sercred and his friends on tokyo like ragna and jin are brouthers and noel is his sister uno plane this and know every thing about noel.letter in he year 2200 uno and hazama has capture noel and turn in to her full power and new from but letter noel was free and save by ragna but some his friend was srepries saw his has immortality then a battal or war him and uno was telapoted to a quistal fortress.his friend went up the the same way they did but uno trasfrom into Super Dark Ghidorah but bruno deffted him but is not bruno it is blue eye or not.Letter they all shock that blue eyes was Mr. Lin bruno's and noel's dad and noel had mom as well.but uno trick them so he cangrow his full power but only hafe of it can.letter bruno waek up and transfrom into hero leader.letter wen the battal is over the hafe of bruno frinds has gone off.then after the other and bruno recover they go the 5th hierarchical city of tokyo.

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Thks for the watch
do you do trades? 
So do you have an update available on how the art of Sadzeka is going?
If you are doing it, how is Sadzeka coming along, like a lil mini update? Sorry to bother you again, just curious.
Oh hai Bruno! Haven't seen you in a while. Can you do some art for my newest Kaiju, Sadzeka, over here?… thanks! Also maybe you should start commissions at some point.
Agr1on Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconthxfavplz: on my Xenomorph :iconbummy3::iconbummy1::iconbummy2:
Hey man finally got the time to try and make a pic! hope you like it…
thx 4 the faves :iconimhappyplz:
Hey man I ended up being very sick the last few days (Stomach bug)....this unfortunately has not allowed me to finish your pic. I am still working on it but not sure if the this weekends release of it will happen. Sorry...
ok and it's ok
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